Seed Funding and accelerated growth for education and special needs companies


Arc Capital Direct Investments

Arc Capital has made direct investments in over 50 seed and early-stage companies with over two dozen exits. The firm has three key criteria for success in their investments in the education and special needs markets. 

  • Worthy mission and economically sustainable business model
  • Target market large enough to support risk-capital investment returns
  • Opportunity to leverage our knowledge and network to accelerate the path to success

We take an active role as a Board member or close advisor for most of our investments.  In addition to the extensive industry experience of Arc principals, we leverage our network of over 150 Arc family companies on behalf of our investment companies.  This network is comprised of industry leaders across a wide spectrum of education and special needs markets responsible for over $500 million a year of products and services.  Access to the Arc family of companies is a unique and powerful advantage of becoming an Arc investment company.


Arc Social Impact Funds

Arc Social Impact Funds invest in seed and early-stage companies whose mission includes making a sustainable, positive social impact in the preK-12, higher education, special needs and workforce development sectors. Potential investment companies are evaluated on a combination of their investment potential as well as their anticipated social impact.

Arc Social Impact Funds take an active role in each of its investment companies.  Our core investment strategy is our focus on opportunities where we can accelerate growth through our extensive industry knowledge and professional networks.


What makes Arc Social Impact Funds Unique?

Arc Social Impact Fund principals and investors are comprised of CEO’s and industry leaders in education, special needs and workforce development.  Collectively, we’ve invested in in over 50 companies and completed over 20 successful exits.  Through our active involvement with our portfolio companies, we leverage this experience and network to accelerate growth and assist founders to develop and execute productive growth strategies and successful capital transactions.

Many portfolio companies begin working with us as advisory clients of Arc Capital Development. Other investment opportunities are sourced through our extensive network of industry contacts and business accelerators.

Arc portfolio companies join over 150 organizations in the Arc family of companies.  This network represents over 20 years of consulting, advisory and investment relationships in the education and special needs sectors.  Arc actively connects key executives from these companies to share best practices, new ideas and strategic partnerships.        

Who We Are

Kevin Custer

Founding principal. Big-picture strategist. Veteran executive. Leader in autism & special needs markets.

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Rita Ferrandino

Founding principal. Top national strategist & coalition builder. National expert on STEM & education policy.

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Matthew Dickstein

Experienced education entrepreneur. Over 35 years of experience building education companies with multiple successful exits.

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