Helping You Get Funding

IMG_2364We have led and participated in dozens of multi-million dollar transactions on behalf of Arc Family clients. We have strong relationships with several private equity groups that will be more likely to invest in you when Arc is advising and taking an active role in your success. This gives us us access to $5 to $20 million worth of capital.

We also have experience navigating deals greater than $20 million in enterprise value, and two of our capital equity partners have more than $500 million in available capital. These investors work with Arc because they know we deliver the hands-on operational expertise needed to execute effectively.


Directly Investing in You

Tandem bicycling   Our investment portfolio today has more than 20 companies. The investments range from $50,000 to $500,000. They typically occur in the early stage of your lifecycle. Most investment companies start as advisory clients.

We are primarily minority investors, although we will consider control investments, along with outright acquisition. What makes Arc unique is our understanding of and the ability to operate the companies we invest in. We become involved. When appropriate, we join the board of directors. In rare cases, one of us may be available to serve an interim CEO or leadership role.

Typically, we are involved from 90 days to 24 months. We are able to then recruit for you the right professionals with highly unique skills to help you succeed.


Building a Better Deal

Education Industry CapitalizationArc’s Transaction Services practice offers merger, acquisition, and divestiture support that place strong emphasis on stakeholder value and identifying key risks and benefits early. At Arc, we are not investment bankers – we are your advocates. We help guide companies from the initial thoughts of “could we?” and “should we?” through “how can we?” We support the company through the process and make sure positive deals reach closure, as we know how to navigate the final steps that too often can cause a deal to fall through.

We have been there.  We have done this many times. We leverage our knowledge and experience to help you determine if you should do the deal, and if you do, we make sure you reach closure. What’s more, through our range of services, we are able to provide support throughout the transaction life cycle to both strategic and financial buyers and sellers.


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