Revenue Diagnostic

An independent and impartial diagnosis, the Arc Revenue Diagnostic is an intensive, short-term examination of a company’s current situation that allows Arc to develop an actionable plan for the best strategic options and top tactics for moving to the next level of organizational growth. In a typical Revenue Diagnostic, Arc reviews existing plans, interviews internal personnel onsite, talks to external stakeholders (such as customers and distributors), analyzes the buying process from the customer’s perspective, and examines business, sales and financial data. We then deliver an executive summary report with recommendations, and will work with the executive team to prioritize the implementation process.


Go-to-Market Planning

Starting with the question, “Where do you want your company to be by when?”, Arc will put together a customized roadmap for taking you to the next level in a process more intensive than our Revenue Diagnostic. We work with you to gain a strong understanding of your company’s current resources, products, structure, and personnel. Onsite, our in-depth conversations allow us to map out a plan that identifies product markets, company/product positioning, optimal distribution and sales coverage, and an initial capitalization plan, among other components. We understand that you must change how things are done as the company grows – it’s not enough to keep adding paddles to your rowboat; eventually you need to think about a motor. Ultimately, we provide our Arc Family of clients with the map to reach the next level.


Board Roles and Business Coaching

Arc’s partners bring their expertise in fundraising, strategic planning, financial analysis, organizational development, marketing, and product development to guide company leadership. Arc’s capacity-building programming accelerates growth. 

As a Board Member or Business Coach, Arc’s services include:  

  • Advising the team on issues relating to company growth, market development, key relationships, marketing, branding, and business development;
  • Identifying and making introduction to funding sources with the ability to help with prospective investors, customers, and partner acquisition;
  • Participating in the following meetings, when scheduled:
    • Monthly Board Meeting;
    • Quarterly Strategy Meeting;
    • Annual Strategy Review;
    • Advising with individual team members as needed; and
  • Representing the company within your networks as appropriate.



Connect with the Best of the Best

The “Arc Family” is not just an idea – it’s a vibrant collection of education’s best entrepreneurs, executives, service providers, and educators. We connect you with the best of the best:

  • Investment Banking: We work with those who not only optimize return for shareholders, but specialize in deals that also benefit a company’s employees, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Human Resources: A company’s most valuable assets are intellectual property, and finding people who are the best in the industry. We work with top recruiters who are dedicated to finding the best possible people, by moving beyond the job description to truly understand the company, its culture, and its needs.
  • Legal Services: In an increasingly complicated society, it is essential to have trusted partners who understand the law. We connect you with lawyers who understand how to protect your business in a way that allows you to meet your objectives.
  • Marketing and Communications: Today more than ever, your image is a critical component of your success. Our consultants have expertise in design and communications, and can help build an attractive, accurate brand entity. We also understand public relations and how best to generate excitement that moves people to follow your mission.
  • Distribution: Meeting your company’s bottom line means getting your product in the hands of customers. We can connect you with the experts who understand how the distribution channels work, whether it’s through dealers, direct sales or partners.