Schools and educational institutions provide a significant range of services to students with autism and other developmental disabilities, putting school administrators and teachers in an intersection with the healthcare space. With the numbers of students with autism and developmental disabilities projected to continue to grow, schools are looking for innovative solutions that will help them meet the needs of these students, their families and their teachers. Companies that understand how the selling process changes with the confluence of healthcare and education have a significant advantage. Lowering cost and increasing quality are the main goals – not creating bigger, more expensive products.

At Arc, we understand the challenges that come in the overlap between the healthcare and education markets. In particular, Arc offers significant expertise in growing autism support field. Arc principal Kevin Custer has worked with many companies offering autism-related services, including serving as the CEO of Autism Pro, a company providing online resources and training to help schools build the capability to educate children with autism. In 2009, he participated in Colorado’s Autism Commission, which developed the state’s 10-year strategic plan for autism. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Autism Society of America and as the president of the board of the Autism Society of Colorado. Kevin’s expertise is augmented by Arc principal Rita Ferrandino’s understanding of the policy and regulatory subtleties that characterize this space.

If you are focused on offering special needs education services, reach out to Arc to learn more about how we can help you navigate this complex arena.