We invest in remarkable opportunities disrupting the status quo. Arc invests directly and utilizes our strong network of capital contacts for co-investment.

The Arc partners bring their expertise in fundraising, strategic planning, financial analysis, organizational development, marketing, and product development to guide company leadership. 

For domestic and international companies looking to accelerate, Arc offers a range of services that will maximize success:

  • Opportunity Audit – An initial step we take with most of our clients, an Arc Opportunity Audit reveals where companies can invest their dollars to receive the best opportunities as products are built and introduced into the marketplace.
  • Revenue Diagnostic – This impartial, independent short-term examination of a company’s current situation leads to the development of an actionable plan with the best strategic options and top tactics for moving to the next level of organizational growth. Among other solutions, Arc’s Revenue Diagnostic can address the timing of product line extensions, scaling up revenue and maximizing the lifetime value of customers. (link to revenue diagnostic page)
  • Go-to-Market Plan – This process starts by asking, “Where do you want your company to be by when?” From there, Arc customizes a roadmap to move your company ahead, in a process more intensive than our Revenue Diagnostic. This in-depth process will help your company change the way you do things as you grow and adapt to new heights. 
  • Board Roles and Business Coaching – As a board member or business coach, Arc advises the team on issues relating to company growth, market development, key relationships, marketing, branding, and business development. Arc also identifies and introduces funding sources with the ability to help with prospective investors, customers, and partner acquisition.   

We also offer ongoing services as companies mature:

  • Access to the right people and organizations.
  • Short- or long-term advising services to the board of directors and/or CEOs and senior management.
  • Supplementation of the management team by taking an active role (becoming sales VP or CEO, for instance) on an interim basis (90 days – 12 months) until the role is better defined and the right candidate has been found.
  • Board membership to provide corporate governance and strategic advice for the company.
  • Investment in the company as a shareholder.