January 2013 Government Relations Updates

Bennett Appointed as Florida Education Commissioner  After losing his re-election bid as Indiana superintendent of public instruction, Tony Bennett won appointment as Florida’s education commissioner.  Arc worked with Tony Bennett’s administration in Indiana and we will be watching closely as he looks to bring reform to Florida.  If you need government relations lobbying guidance in Florida, please contact us at info@arcnew.flywheelsites.com.  With change comes opportunity.

Congressional Research Service Releases STEM Report The Congressional Research Service released “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education:  A Primer” late last year. The report includes assessments of federal STEM education effort and policy issues central to the federal conversation.

Increasing Science Instruction Time According to the U.S. Department of Education, elementary-school students across the country receive, on average, only 2.3 hours of science instruction per week. Twenty years ago, they spent almost three hours per week on the subject. Visit Change the Equation for more information and statistics on STEM learning throughout the country, and on efforts to improve learning in these critical areas.