Welcoming the First Lady to Sarasota

The First Lady speaks in Sarasota on January 26, 2012.

On January 26, I had the pleasure and honor of welcoming First Lady Michelle Obama to Sarasota as part of the Host Committee, as she continued her efforts to promote health and wellness among children.  Mrs. Obama’s visit to Sarasota was part of a three-city visit through Florida on the 26th, and Sarasota’s inclusion shows the area’s importance in this crucial swing state during the upcoming election.

Rita is greeted by First Lady Michelle Obama at a Sarasota event.

Mrs. Obama lunched with several hundred guests at a private home in Sarasota. Her remarks focused on the President’s accomplishments during his first three years in office, including educational initiatives such as Race to the Top. Mrs. Obama also touched upon her own initiatives geared towards reducing childhood obesity and improving wellness programs in schools. In talking about the upcoming election, the First Lady also spoke about the President’s underlying motivation, saying “The President believes there are no second-class citizens in America. Every night he reads letters from citizens across the country and he feels strongly that everyone deserves the opportunity to make a better life.”

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