Florida Proposed Education Budget

Vote on Monday

Florida lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the budget on Monday. Here is a recap on the proposed education budget. The base allocation per student is projected to decrease by $27.07 — something that’s unheard of in economic good times — at the same time that the local property tax rate for school operations also is set to go down by 31.6 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. That’s a 6.81 percent drop. Meanwhile, lawmakers are considering dedicating more than $400 million to two programs “schools of hope” and Best and Brightest bonuses. Leaving no room to cover other expenses, if needed. The outcome reduces overall funding for 18 of the state’s 67 districts. Even those districts with growing enrollments and resulting increased revenue would still feel the pinch as they deal with the rising student count along with higher costs of utilities, employee health insurance and other operational areas.