2016 Education Trends

We can all agree that schools changed the day students started bringing their own devices with them. The educational experience of today’s kids has shifted because of the ease of access to smartphones, tablets and less expensive computers. With this reshaping of the educational learning environment comes the opportunity for service and content providers to position themselves as partners in building cutting-edge learning environments.  Are you ready for 2016 and the opportunities it can bring?


As technology in the classroom becomes increasingly ubiquitous, Arc sees a definite shift in the teacher’s role from lecturing or demonstrating to making learning more “hands-on.”   We are seeing “maker spaces” popping up across the country – from glorified science centers to those with high-tech 3D printers and laser cutters.  We are also seeing increased usage of video and video creation by students and teachers.  There is growing experimentation with new learning models such as flipped classrooms, blended learning, sync learning, etc. Teachers are also doing more self-directed professional development via various modalities. The model of teacher as “sage-on-the-stage” is slowly shifting to the “guide-on-the-side.”

As you look to navigate the changing educational landscape and make the most of opportunities in 2016, contact us at info@arcnew.flywheelsites.com to review your products or competitive strategy.