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2016 Education Trends

We can all agree that schools changed the day students started bringing their own devices with them. The educational experience of today’s kids has shifted because of the ease of access to smartphones, tablets and less expensive computers. With this reshaping of the educational learning environment comes the opportunity for service and content providers to […]

Is an Ed Tech Bubble Coming?

The education market continues to shift toward digital content and educational technology.  According to the newly released “Supplemental Products Market: 2014 Size, Growth and Trends” by Education Market Research, the emphasis on digital products continues to grow, with 45.9% of 86 companies saying their focus was 51% or more on digital, compared with 23.8% of […]

Do I Need an App for That?

As schools and teachers continue to shift demand to software and online products, you may be looking at your products and asking, “Do I need an app for that?” With today’s students using games and educational apps on iPads and smartphones, mobile applications are becoming even more commonplace in the classroom, as this AP story […]