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Is Your Education Company Ready?

Though the new year has just been begun, there are less than a hundred selling days until schools and universities end the academic year. Is your company optimized to take advantage of the school selling cycle? In these crucial, limited selling days, your entire organization must be aligned with your sales team to help bring […]

Metrics for Success

    Metrics for Success Company leaders often ask us about how they can measure success. First, metrics should be relatively simple – each person should be able to gather the numbers in less than 15 minutes each week. Second, you should only be measuring and tracking information that allows you and your leadership team […]

What Sales Can Tell You About Your Company’s Health

In understanding where your company stands, sales may seem to be an obvious indicator. More sales means you are doing great, right? Well… maybe. A solid grasp of where your sales are can tell you a lot about your company, but it requires a deeper dive than just looking at volume. As the business leader, your […]

Back to School – Is Your Education Business Ready?

Is your 2017-2018 Sales & Marketing Strategic & Tactical Plan ready to deliver your forecasted results? Education industry leadership teams are keenly focused on back to school sales, fulfillment and implementations. As product teams push to complete their final Q&A, customer service groups process orders and sales reps organize summer trainings, we urge you to […]

School Payment Schedules

“How do I get a school to pay in less than 60 days?” is a question we at Arc get asked all the time. The answer? You don’t. It’s best to assume it will take about 60 to 65 days. Schools have built-in procurement processes that need to be followed, but there are steps you […]

Could Field Sales Work for You?

For educational companies aiming for the best possible valuation, it is critical to demonstrate a sustainable income stream that is scalable, defensible and predictable. In fact, we see about a 30 to 50% premium on the valuation of companies that can sell in this way. How does a company show a scalable, defensible and predictable […]

Making the Most of Your Sales & Marketing Dollar

Arc is often asked our recommendations for best utilizing a limited marketing budget. When you have a limited sales and marketing budget (in the $4k range), it is critical to make sure you thoroughly understand your company’s goals and how to direct that money to meet your goals.  With that said, here are a few […]

Preparing for the 2016 Sales Year

With the last quarter of 2015 already here, it’s time to turn thoughts toward 2016 and how to best control your sales process. Going into the new year, you need to ensure you have a solid pipeline of qualified leads. If you’re selling a product or service for more than $5000, it’s very likely that […]

Your Must-Do’s: Follow this 4-Step Marketing Checklist to Optimizing Summer

This week, I talked to five CEOs. I met another dozen at the GSV Investor Day. Everyone is juggling 10,001 summertime Must-Dos. It looks like chaos. But it’s not. domain name test These priorities are the same for everyone, and somewhere on that priority whiteboard is “Marketing.” Based on company lifecycle, it’s either at the […]