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How to View this Crazy Market, Maintain Sanity, and Change the World

BY: P.H. MULLEN, JR.  Last week, I moderated an amazing edtech panel at the 2016 Venture Summit West at the Computer History Museum in Palo Alto. Here’s what I said: We’re not in a bubble; we’re in a long-term business shift. It’s a usage shift. It’s a benefit shift. These adjustments are lasting and profound. Like […]

Our Newest Clients & Investments!

What a busy, nonstop autumn here at Arc Capital Development! We engaged with four new companies. Welcome to Quantum Learning Network, Prometric, Kickboard, and Integrated Tracking.  Each is a market leader in its category. They are all passionate for success and led by great executive teams. Advisory Services Prometric Prometric is a wholly-owned subsidiary of […]

Your Must-Do’s: Follow this 4-Step Marketing Checklist to Optimizing Summer

This week, I talked to five CEOs. I met another dozen at the GSV Investor Day. Everyone is juggling 10,001 summertime Must-Dos. It looks like chaos. But it’s not. domain name test These priorities are the same for everyone, and somewhere on that priority whiteboard is “Marketing.” Based on company lifecycle, it’s either at the […]