Making the Most of Your Sales & Marketing Dollar

Arc is often asked our recommendations for best utilizing a limited marketing budget. When you have a limited sales and marketing budget (in the $4k range), it is critical to make sure you thoroughly understand your company’s goals and how to direct that money to meet your goals.  With that said, here are a few options to consider with a restricted budget:

  • Website: Everyone vets companies based on their online presence. It’s the first impression, and potential customers need that initial trust confirmation. If you need to drive leads or you need trust to move the sales process, invest in your website.
  • Trial Pilot Programs: Can be a very effective use of money if pilots are your objectives.
  • Key Influencer Strategy: If you have a targeted key contacts strategy, sponsor a 90-minute superintendent roundtable at SIIA or other conferences about your platform.
  • Inside Sales Effort: This strategy combines (outbound) personalized e-mail pitches with accessible (inbound) product content like online demos, blog posts and success stories, along with persistent telesales offering a great pilot and a great reward for trying the pilot. It can work but it takes time and a concentrated focus, which may not be realistic if you have other priorities to juggle.
  • Incentive-Based: This straightforward program pays your existing happy users $250 or even $500 to refer-a-friend to get another pilot going within the year. Depending on how you price the incentive, this could lead to up to 16 pilots.