Back to School – Is Your Education Business Ready?

Is your 2017-2018 Sales & Marketing Strategic & Tactical Plan ready to deliver your forecasted results?

Education industry leadership teams are keenly focused on back to school sales, fulfillment and implementations. As product teams push to complete their final Q&A, customer service groups process orders and sales reps organize summer trainings, we urge you to prioritize your Sales & Marketing planning and execution.

There are less than 85 selling days from the start of school till Christmas break. In those precious selling days, you need to prospect and cultivate enough leads to fill your pipeline to drive your sales year. You have limited room for error. If you don’t know how many leads you will need, from where they will be coming and by when, you are not set for success. Based on your lead generation metrics, you need an efficient sales and marketing process and staffing to move the sale to close.

The school cycling cycle is defined and driven by federal, state and local budgets. There are dramatic proposed reductions to the federal education budget which may or may not need to be calculated in your planning. State and local education budgets in your target markets need to be understood and become part of your calculations. Simply, you need to know where the money will be coming to purchase your products and services.

All successful companies serving the Education market need a comprehensive strategic and tactical sales and marketing plan that includes sales tracking and benchmarking metrics. For consultation on creating or reviewing your plan, email me at

Happy Back to School!