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Online Products: Adapting for Review Committees

As companies with digital and traditional products can attest, it can be much more difficult to get a balanced and thorough review of digital products by curriculum committees, whose processes continue to be geared heavily toward printed curriculum.  The committees are used to a rubric-based process, in which all of the curriculum and support materials […]

Is an Ed Tech Bubble Coming?

The education market continues to shift toward digital content and educational technology.  According to the newly released “Supplemental Products Market: 2014 Size, Growth and Trends” by Education Market Research, the emphasis on digital products continues to grow, with 45.9% of 86 companies saying their focus was 51% or more on digital, compared with 23.8% of […]

Creating Your Business Breakthrough

All too often, executives get focused on the day-to-day or short-term plans plan of their business, looking at what they are going to do rather than what they should be doing and what would create the biggest breakthrough for their company. They fail to work with intentionality and instead just get swept along with the […]

How Much Capital You Need

CEOs and founders often say they need is $5 million to bring their company to market. In many cases, this is true, but raising that much capital for a young company is often difficult and very expensive. So, how much capital do you need to get your company to the next level?  Frequently, founders’ initial […]

Increasing Your Profit – Without Changing Your Product

In this economy, the idea of increasing your prices may seem suicidal – and indeed, raising them indiscriminately will probably backfire. However, it is possible to set your prices in such a way that you can increase your profits without changing your product or tinkering with your overhead. Traditionally, setting a price for a product […]

Working With Arc Pays Off

At the recent SIIA Ed Tech Industry Summit’s Innovation Incubator Program, we were thrilled when Arc client Language Express was selected as the winner in the Most Likely to Succeed category and the runner-up in the Most Innovative category.  Language Express was honored for its software product, The Social Express™, which is designed to give children with autism and […]

The “Rising Billion” and Your Business Model

What would your company look like if your content or app could reach 1 billion more people than you are reaching today? And what if that group was a self-driven, DIY-inclined audience who are not only consumers of your product, but potential improvers and collaborators? A new book, “Abundance: The Future is Better Than You […]

Why Education CEOs Need to Care About Autism

With April marking Autism Awareness Month, a new Centers for Disease Control study shows that the prevalence of autism continues to increase significantly, from less than 100,000 children in 2002 to a projected million-plus children by 2014. The CDC first released a study in 2007 (using numbers from 2002), which estimated that less than 100,000 […]

The Power of Data

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article (“So, What’s Your Algorithm?”) focusing on the growing use of data in business and even personal decisions – “playing ‘Moneyball’ at life,” as the author summarized it. While the article looked at using data on a scale that requires sophisticated analytic software, there are also ways to […]

Do I Need an App for That?

As schools and teachers continue to shift demand to software and online products, you may be looking at your products and asking, “Do I need an app for that?” With today’s students using games and educational apps on iPads and smartphones, mobile applications are becoming even more commonplace in the classroom, as this AP story […]