Arc’s Past 12 Months

Kite Surfing SuccessOver the past 12 months, Arc has continued to make investments, including two additional investments in the mobile and special education space, deploying close to a million dollars.

Arc also continues to advise some of the fastest growing companies in the country, including the SIIA Innovation Winner RoboKind for Robots for Autism. Arc continues to seek out those companies that are now revenue-producing and are looking for the strategic ability to grow and attract capital. Drawing on our experience of working with more than 80 companies over the last 10 years, (in addition to our experience in starting, growing and successfully exiting the nine education companies we have built over the last 20 years, with aggregated revenues of more than $500 million), Arc knows what works and what doesn’t, and has a keen understanding of how to drive exponential growth. Arc is also looking for established companies that have hit the inflection point and are looking for an audit of their strategy or advice from experienced professionals to help optimize their plans for exponential growth.

Arc has the education industry knowledge, skills, resources and pedigrees to deliver and execute for companies with strong growth potential.

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(Photo credit TexasEagle on Flickr)