Global Economic Consequences

For companies doing business globally, recent world events are leading many to a serious third-party evaluation of their strategy.

We at Arc fully understand the significant domestic and international economic impacts from the changes that are happening globally.  The economic consequences have already begun. These events serve as a stark reminder of the need to identify and understand risk factors, evaluate potential opportunities and build a resilient yet flexible global business strategy that will help to guarantee that future gains are shielded from future crisis.   Leaders need to know what changes they need to make today and how much money they will need to be able to react to additional turmoil.

If you are looking to understand the implications, Arc is offering a Global Strategy Audit. Our Arc team has 20+ years of international expertise having executed and implemented more than 115 business and strategic development deals in more than 75 countries and has led more than 50+ Mergers/Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Licensing Technology. With the depth and breadth of Arc’s international education industry investments and expertise, we are equipped to provide an unbiased evaluation of your global strategy.   For more information on our Global Strategy Audit, send a suggested date and time for a conversation to