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Investing in Workforce EdTech: Staying Ahead of the Curve

As the very nature of work evolves rapidly, so does the nature of workforce training and education. Companies and students are demanding change, colleges are adapting, and investors are making workforce edtech a top priority–but are you considering how you can take advantage of this opportunity?  Technology is playing a highly disruptive role, both by […]

Global Economic Consequences

For companies doing business globally, recent world events are leading many to a serious third-party evaluation of their strategy. We at Arc fully understand the significant domestic and international economic impacts from the changes that are happening globally.  The economic consequences have already begun. These events serve as a stark reminder of the need to identify […]

Restructuring Federal STEM Funding

Under President Obama’s FY2014 funding request, federal STEM funding could be substantially restructured and streamlined, part of a broader goal to create a “cohesive national STEM education strategy” at every level – K-12, undergraduate, graduate and informal education. The $3.1 billion total request for STEM education is 6.7 percent increase from the FY2012 funded level. […]

Rita Keynote at AEP June 2013

Rita Slides Our industry prides itself on the quality of our content—no matter the media, audience, or delivery format. But with changing expectations about what schools will pay for, will there still be profit in selling content? Does the future lie somewhere else, such as in professional development or content management? Listen to experts debate […]

SIIA Keynote Session, Kevin Comments

Comments start about 15 min into the video.   SIIA ETIS May 2013 My comments at the following markers   15 min, 34 Min, 46 min, 56.45 min, 61.30 min TOPIC/ SESSION: What IS coming next within education technology? In this opening session, we’ll hear from key thought leaders representing education institutions, Ed Tech companies, […]