Meeting Your Educational Sales Goal

Guitar Rock and RollThough 2014 is just getting underway, much of what goes into your meeting your yearly sales goal should already be completed. In fact, your sales will be 20 to 25 percent of your pipeline value as of the end of January. (The 20 to 25 percent figure is not weighted, i.e. a 10k deal with a twenty percent chance should not be counted as $2000.) The caveat is that there are qualified leads in your pipeline and you have a strong idea of their status.

So with the lead-gathering game over, now it’s time to execute against your leads and close between February and the end of May. Your sales reps should be able to highlight the following four pieces of information for your qualified leads:

  • Strong interest established
  • Sponsorship established – you have a champion
  • Access to power, authority to purchase and evaluation process identified
  • Purchase preparation – who, how and when you’ll put the product into place

If a sales representative can’t answer those questions, their work is not done. Those are the conversations that need to take place between the first of February and first of May to move the opportunity up the pipeline and increase the chance of closing the sale.


(Photo credit Avarty Photos on Flickr)